Tales of a web developer

Hello fellow reader. First blog ever; please get comfortable while I sharpen my blogging skills. This blog is going to be about my web dev journey, some tales from past years and how they’re related with whom I have become today.

It’s been about a year or so that I bought my first “learn web dev stuff” bootcamp and officially started my path for being a developer. The desire to become a developer, even after starting my studies in Physics Engineering, came to light after noticing the shortage of web coders in México, my home country.

My love for physics? It all began in my exchange year in Italy where I took my first physics course (with all those agonizing but still beautiful math). It was the teacher’s explanations of nature that kept me going through the course. Even if I wasn’t quite aware of how that physics course moulded my mind, my decision to work on physics for a living would become clear six months before getting into college.

Got some development projects going on, some still to be finished and some still to be planned. The most advanced in terms of coding skills is filler v1 (currently developing v2). Check out the repo. Next summer I’m planning on spending my summer at CERN in one of his various projects for college students (application process starting on January 2019).

And last but not least, this blog’s creation was inspired by the blog of a front-end developer who got the chance to work at CERN. I wasn’t quite sure how were my web dev skills could make into new physics research until coming across that blog.

So this is it by now, I have a serious load of frozen food to prepare before work week consumes my soul. Good bye, see you sometime soon (or maybe not, remember that bit about sharpening those blogging skills?).

home photo

Gerardo Mijares – lapsusdev 2018.

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